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Welcome to Tribe.

The use of every day Hand Held Phone Technology opens a smooth client interface where the potential rewards for both Brands and Popular Charities become very exciting!

For Businesses

We will help you design to grow your business with real time interaction with your customers.

For End Users

Donate to charity drives simply by purchasing your favorite products.

Contact Us

Charities Sign Up

Charities get to explain about their cause and their beneficiaries. They can also request brand sponsorship for esisting participants or request we approach the brand with their cause. Enrolled Charities can Report any earnings through QRcodesforCharity and announce brands that are supporting them.

Nominate a Charity

Don’t see a Charity option you would like to see on a product you purchased? Here you can nominate a charity for inclusion in the program. We will take this nomination and approach both the Brand and the Charity in touch.

Brand Owners

See how a packaging led campaign achieves three key targets:

1) Your Charity Work is highlighted to the Consumer
2) Brand Loyalty with a near Instant participation after purchase
3) Client Sign Up where a two way interactive conduit is established

How it Works?

Users receive a promotional message direct to their mobile, with a unique link.

Your branded video promotion is displayed, explaining your campaign, or priming your audience to follow the steps.

The user is then taken through a questionnaire, survey or opt- in sequence which allows you to collect real data.

Following completion of the form, a simple thank you page, prize, or further instructions can be displayed.

QRcodes4Charity facilitates direct communications between Brands and Consumers. Our packaging Engineers will tell you how easy it is to implement on your Brand’s packaged products.