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QR Codes For Charity™

06 January 2022

QR Codes for a charity such as a School of the customer’s choice:

  1. Consumers can Instantly add their contribution to their School – As early as 1996 an ingenious idea was used, where parents and consumers could use scissors to cut out coupons from packaging and send them to their School to benefit their School.  This method is still very successfully  used today; many people would agree that it takes time out of our very busy lives to do this and invariably some of those coupons may not make it to School.
  2. Brand Owners Collect Golden Consumer Data. Brand Owners get to know their Consumers.  Consumers may be parents and family members that want to buy the Brand’s product so that they can use products that donate to Schools of their choice; A Consumer need only register once if they want to help their School.
  3. Brand owners get  to Communicate with Consumers; a Condition of registration can be an agreement by the consumer to accept a future communication of the Brand/product to the consumer’s registered cell phone.
  4. QRcodes4Charity automates the coupon process including: a) Effectively “Collecting” the coupons for the School. b) “Counting” the coupons for the School c) “Delivering” the redeemed Coupons for the School to the Brand owner. The Consumers do all that for them in real time with their cell phones.  Schools simply log on to see what has been collected for them.
  5. QRcodes4Charity can be placed onto almost any printed packaging including: boxes, pouches, bottles, cans and wrappers.
  6. Easy to implement Inter School collection competitions. Brand owners can offer promotions nationwide or between two locally competing Schools. Imagine a Monthly School Versus School competitions to see which School’s parents can collect the most QRcodes4Charity; where the Winning School gets a significant extra contribution or prize.
  7. Brand owners can assign any value donation to a QRcodes4Charity Scan; even a Dynamic value. Imagine making the scan itself a game of chance; where a minimum donation is guaranteed – say 5 cents and where some scans result in a jackpot donation. Jackpot scans are given to the school to celebrate the jackpot with the person who scanned the code.
  8. Contact us to find out more. Our packaging Engineers will tell you how easy it is to implement on your Brand’s packaged products.

QRcodes4Charity facilitates direct communications between Brands and Consumers.

The use of every day Hand Held Phone Technology opens a smooth client interface where the potential rewards for both Brands and Popular Charities become VERY exciting.